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Badi (with most of Monkey Gone Mad) in Schenectady tonight!
Our courageous hip-hop leader, Badi, just put out his own album (you can hear some tracks here). And he's doing a short tour of the Northeast with 5 members of Monkey Gone Mad backing him up. It'll be the closest thing the capital district has seen to a Monkey Gone Mad show in over two years, so we're pumped.

It's at the Bahai Reading room at 138 Jay St in Schenectady, and it will be FREE (though we'd really appreciate whatever you can afford for a donation to cover gas and such). The new CD will be available for purchase there as well.

We made a facebook event for those wanting more info or to RSVP:

posted by: Dan on Aug. 8, '08 2:53pm

Metroland Votes!
Even though we haven't played a show in over six months. When it came time for readers to vote for their favorite local bands in Metroland, we still came in second in the "best Local Punk Band" category! Thanks a lot everyone!!!
posted by: Dan on Mar. 11, '07 4:36am

We had a great time at all three shows. It was fun to play in a big theater/auditorium in Pittsfield. As Brendan said "It's like the Tartan Turkey Talent Show!". The rain was kept at bay for the Freedom Park show, and there were close to 500 people there just to see MGM. Scotia rocks. Then last Friday at the Van Dyck w/ The Late Night Show and Channel... there were probably more people at the Van Dyck that night than ever before. To say it was sold out is vast understatement. Amazing.

The Syracuse show? Well... the rain wasn't held at bay. It's postponed to Sunday September 3. So you should go then instead. And fireworks were added to the bill.
posted by: Dan on Aug. 22, '06 10:39pm

Shows and Friends and Photos, Oh My!
Hey every one! Miss us?

We've just been saving up exciting news to let you all know at once.
We have several shows coming up. Free hugs for anyone who comes to all of them.

We also have flyers for these shows... anyone who's willing to help hand them out to friends and at other shows, etc... please send us a message. Thanks!

We also have advance tickets for the Van Dyck show. They're $5 advance, $8 the day of. Last time we played the Van Dyck we printed 100 tickets and sold out of them in two weeks. This time we only printed 80. So if you'd like the discounted admission, get in touch with us ASAP!

2) Over 1,000 Myspace Friends! We decided to not be like most bands, and not send out ANY friend requests... only accepting those who request us. And those requests just flooded in. In a year, we received over 1,000 friend requests. Sweet.

3) Pictures! We just opened a Flickr account to show MGM over the years. Lots and lots of pictures. They're all searchable, too. And if you're on Flickr, you can leave us comments. And we're also searching for even more pictures of the band, so if you have any, let us know!
posted by: Dan on July 13, '06 4:35am

The TU Poll
We were thinking it would be cool to be mentioned in this year's Times Union Readers Poll for "Best Local Band". If you'd like to help out, they made things super easy with an online poll so all of you can fill it out in a matter of minutes. And hey, feel free to put down "" under best local website as well. :-) Hurry though, polls are tallied on May 29.
posted by: Dan on May 23, '06 2:18pm

So for those of you who missed the MGM article in The Sunday Gazette, it's online as a big PDF file (we just chopped it down to the 3 pages that mentioned MGM) here (5.2MB). And for those of you who haven't seen.... Metroland is running their annual "best of the capital region" poll early this year. You guys helped us get a lot of great mentions last year, it would be awesome if you could help us out again this year. Thanks!
posted by: Dan on Feb. 14, '06 2:11pm

Merch Store and Newspapers
Happy New Year!

We're getting really close to completing our online store where fans will be able buy CDs, posters, and even downloadable MP3s right from our website (through paypal). It's all being custom built so a lot of testing needs to be done. We're looking for "beta testers"... people who want to buy MGM merch before the store goes public, who will report back any bugs they come across or have suggestions etc... we'll give 10% off any purchases during that time. Email if you're interested in that.

We're also making headlines. Big ones. Everyone go get a copy of the Sunday Gazette for January 15, 2006. We're on the cover of the G-section with a big story. And for those of you who were at the Van Dyck show, you may be in the paper too!
posted by: Dan on Jan. 14, '06 8:40pm

Votes and Shows and T-shirts, Oh My!
Happy Holidays, everyone. We've got a pretty exciting week ahead of us.

1) We're playing at the Van Dyck on Wednesday. We DO expect this show to sell out quick. We're almost out of advance tickets (just $5), so if you want one, be sure to get in touch with one of us ASAP. Otherwise they're $8 at the door (and arrive early to guarantee admission). Opening for us will be The Late Night Show (it's their CD release party!) and Dave Strumfeld. It's going to be so much fun.

2) What better ways to show your support of MGM than to vote for us? is having it's annual "Best Albums of The Year" poll, and "Listen..." is one of the nominees. You can vote up to once a day, so please do.

Also, WEQX is taking nominations for the top 102.7 songs of the year. You may remember "Sometimes" got quite a bit of airplay over the summer. It would rock really hard if we made it to the final list.

3) We're looking for T-shirt design ideas. We really want T-shirts, but aren't sure what to put on them. Either email ideas to us, or post them on the message board.

Thanks a lot!
posted by: Dan on Dec. 25, '05 12:29am

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to Larkfest yesterday! It was a blast. I'm no good at estimating numbers, but certainly 1000's of people were there. As we played, I couldn't see the end of the crowd and even with the people far away, I could tell they were digging the music and we were communicating and having a good time together. That's what it's all about.

Thanks to EQX and all of the other organizations and individuals that helped put it together. And a special thanks to Megan Atchley for sitting in on vocals. She did an amazing job. Of course, Badi rocked the mic as always.

If you get the Times Union, check out the front page of the Capital Region section. There's a pretty cool picture of a few of us. Oh, that reminds me. If you happen to have any pictures of the band (especially digital), go to the contact page and drop us an email. Fairly soon we're gonna have the Pictures page up and running and we'd love to have as many as possible. Thanks!
posted by: Ian on Sept. 18, '05 1:43pm

Metroland Reader's Poll
MGM was honored to be voted 3rd best local alternative band in the annual Metroland Reader's Poll issue. Thanks to all of you who voted! There were also several of our friends, a few of whom make guest appearances on the new album mentioned:

-Badi (best hip hop artist)
-Michael Campion (3rd best DJ)
-Paddy Kilrain (best solo artist)
-Mudfunk (2nd best local alternative band) (3rd best music website and open mic)

congrats to all of you and everyone else mentioned.

If you want to see the full results go here.

Also, don't forget to check out both MGM shows this Saturday. Early show at Northern Lights (doors at 7, we go on at 7:30) w/ Pinstripe Melee and Sugar Eater and then the Lark Tavern (doors at 10, we go on 11ish) w/ Five Alpha beatdown. Check the shows page for more info.
posted by: Ian on Aug. 8, '05 12:03am

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Van Dyck show last Friday. It was our best attendance there yet. It was packed. We have a Northern Lights show next Saturday (8/13) with Pinstripe Melee and Sugar Eater which is going to rock, and due to a new development, we're going on first. So get there early for us, and stay for the other acts.

I just posted a new poll- What's your favorite cover song by MGM? They don't do that many... but over the years they've collected quite a handful. GO HERE to see what other people have put down and put in your own two cents. Thanks!
posted by: Dan on Aug. 3, '05 3:19pm

Favorite Show Poll
Yes, we're filling Monkey down time with fun polls. This one is where people can talk about their favorite MGM shows. And there's a pretty comprehensive list of all the real shows MGM has played over the past 5 years.
posted by: Dan on July 13, '05 2:30pm

"Listen.." Song Poll
We're doing a poll of your favorite songs off of "Listen...".


posted by: Dan on July 6, '05 3:11pm

Awesome week
So I got back from Ghana Monday crazy jetlagged and walked right into a rehearsal. I as kinda hoping to just go to sleep but it was all worth it. We had a pretty freakin great week.

Tuesday was Valentines with Public Access, Honey Creeper and the Toasters. Great lineup. Fun show. It's always cool when you get to play a set and then skank it up to a tight band like the Toasters. Bucket was super cool and hyped up our new CD during their set. He literally said about MGM "Those guys are genuine sick motherf***ers"

Thursday - amazing. Thanks so much to everyone who came out. Probably the most energetic crowd we've ever played to. Perfect for the CD release. Thanks to Badi and Sean Rowe for sitting in. Both were mad funky (make sure to check out Thanks to Michael Campion and the Late Night Show too.

Friday was our first time in Rochester and it was a lot of fun and we'll be back soon, hopefully with an all ages or at least not 21+ show (sorry to those who couldn't get in at the Keg, age limits are lame). I gotta give a plug for Razbari Sumthing ( who also played that night. It was my first time seeing them and they were great. Jay even sat in on bass for a little impromptu jam with Raz Sum's drummer Kinyatta (they used to play together in a different group). Fun stuff.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows. I feel privileged to be able to share our music with all of you. Make sure to tell people about MGM, play the CD for people and all that. Peace.
posted by: Ian on June 25, '05 1:42pm

It's June 21!!!!
1) Ian just got home from Ghana! He walked into the house just in time for the last half of band practice (less than 20 hours from the first show of the week). Welcome home, Ian... no time for hugs- there's some rocking that needs to be done.

2) The CDs are now in. Or.. the CDs are now out. Whichever phrasing you're more comfortable with. You can now buy them from the band at shows, and at select stores (TBA). The online merch store is in process of being created where you will be able to buy CDs and MP3s right from the website.

3) We're playing Valentine's tonight with The Toasters, Public Access, and Honeycreeper. Doors at 7pm... we may be going on first, so make sure to get there early (every band on the bill is amazing, so you should be there early any way).

4) The CD Release party is on Thursday 6/23 at Northern Lights in Clifton Park. We're selling advance tickets for just $5 each, and they're only $7 at the door. The Late Night Show is opening the night. DJ Michael Campion will be spinning tunes before and after sets to keep the night flowing. And the band will be joined on stage by Sean Rowe and Badi. The first 20 people get a free copy of the new CD. It's supposed to be nice out so we'll probably try to come up with something fun and outdoorsy and parking lot-y to do with those who show up early.

See you at the shows!
posted by: Dan on June 21, '05 4:07am

Tickets Available For CD Release
For those of you who haven't seen, the big CD release party for "Listen" is at Northern Lights on Thursday, June 23. We're all really excited about it. Lots of great guests playing with the band, The Late Night Show is opening, first 20 paying people through the door get a free CD, and advance tickets are only $5! You can buy them from me (email, any other member of the band in the area, the Northern Lights box office, or if you feel like paying the ticketmaster surcharge... any Ticketmaster location or online.
posted by: Dan on June 9, '05 7:58pm

Ian Leaves For Ghana
Ian left for Ghana today. I looked it up on a map of Africa so I know where I'm talking about when I mention it. It is on the Atlantic Ocean border, but facing south. So even if he went to the ocean and waved... he'd really just be weirding out some penguins in Antarctica. But it's cool though... penguins are nature's natural animals for handling weird situations. For those interested, he's returning June 20th... just in time for the show with the Toasters.
posted by: Dan on May 30, '05 3:50am

Second Test Message
This is where MGM members can post news, conversation, etc. Right now it's only posting, but at some point editing, and commenting will be added as well.
posted by: Dan on May 19, '05 6:19am

test message
this is a test blog message
posted by: Dan on May 19, '05 12:28am

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