Bring MGM To Your School
While Monkey Gone Mad loves playing regular venues, we really appreciate the freedoms that are offered by colleges and schools where the shows are put on for the love of the music, rather than the need to sustain a business. In the past, the band has performed at all kinds of concerts... schools, festivals, DIY shows, nightclubs, etc. Of course, we can't make every show work--the band's availability depends on time of year, day of the week, band member schedules, sound/staging requirements, and pricing. But never fear! With a little work, these issues can be dealt with and a show can be put together in no time. Here are some tips on how to bring Monkey Gone Mad to your school:

Colleges & Prep Schools:
The first step is to make sure that the person or organization in charge of entertainment at your school knows about Monkey Gone Mad. Email, call, or personally stalk the activities director, programming board, or student in charge of bringing musical acts to campus (you can often find out who to contact by searching for "activities" on your school website or asking at the student center). Or get in touch with a DJ at the radio station, the manager of the campus bar, or a friend who plays in a student band, and find out what they know about hosting shows on campus.

Once you've made contact, ask all your friends to follow up with more calls and emails. Repetition and persistence are key--don't be discouraged if you don't get a good response at first! Direct people to this website, have them listen to the music, and in general let them know that you and everyone you know want Monkey Gone Mad to play at your school. If interested parties would like a press kit and CD (most people who book bands do require one, in fact) they may request one by email ( or by calling Monkey Gone Mad's management (see the contact page). Then, if you've convinced them successfully, they can begin talking about details (date, price, equipment, etc.) via our booking agent. If they need a reference, we can provide many.

Public Middle & High Schools:
For you guys it's a bit trickier, since you usually don't have an activities office or program board. However, many organizations, clubs, and groups sponsor entertainment at public schools. Bands perform all the time at public school events organized by the senior class, by the prom committee, or by Habitat for Humanity--anyone who wants to put on a show can usually find a way to make it happen. Again, you and your friends (and your friend's friends) should let whoever is in charge know about Monkey Gone Mad (or take charge yourself) and ask him or her to contact the band. Then, we can send them a press kit/CD and get the booking ball rolling.... With a little persistence, it's very likely that you could be the reason for Monkey Gone Mad coming to your school. The band has played many educational establishments so far, and would love to rock yours too. Let's get to it!